domingo, 5 de septiembre de 2010

Two styles of fashion dress way in Venice Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba the combat

Jessica y Natalie, rivales de estilo en Venecia
Jessica and Natalie, Venice-style rivals

Here it is: the Venice Film Festival and a year more, celebrities from around the world in their finery strolling the red carpet. Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba were responsible for opening the brand new gateway traditional glamor this year neither the scarcity of big guest stars or the work carried out around the Palazzo del Cinema has managed to eclipse. These two young divas of cinema's showed his style on Wednesday with very different looks that generated all kinds of views among the spectators. And is that the 'rivalry' between the actresses is beyond the big screen (remember that both are young, beautiful, and cinematic possibilities like), and now jumps to the field of fashion but, as happens with their performances, the differences were quite visible.

Natalie Portman, in a more sophisticated than what we had become accustomed, by dies having left hand to his role as a girl to make way for the woman she has become. A transformation has been demonstrated in this Mostra. For its coming-out, the latest Star Wars heroine chose, however, a short dress. With a design of Miu Miu, the actress caused a sensation in the morning photocall Black Swan, the new film by Darren Aronofsky, completed only with stilettos nude color and long hair.

In the evening, Natalie chose to mimic the red carpet and opted for a model along the same tone Rodarte, draped with Swarovski encrusted, topped with a gathered neck with snails on her face that showed perfect make-up, without fanfare . His natural elegance not need supplements. On this occasion, a Dior clutch, diamond earrings and a simple gold sandals, were sufficient to complete the perfect look. The small but always elegant Portman, who does not accept any type of paper, it seems that is just as picky when choosing their costumes, and this seems to be the key to your success ... and your style.

However, Jessica Alba did not shine with the same light as its competitor in this festival. In his previous post, 'School of Glamour' showed no mercy with the beautiful actress because of a little baby-doll styling right with that came a few days ago a popular television program in New York. And now, the sexiest dancer Sin City proves again that is not his style, despite her slender body and beautiful face. Maybe someone should tell him that being beautiful is not enough to always look perfect.

For the photocall of the movie Machete, Robert Rodriguez presents these days in Venice and has the starring Alba, the actress wore a dress below the knee with floral print, Dolce & Gabanna. Too bold design to ruin ended with laced sandals buckles and screaming a short skirt.

On the red carpet, Valentino turned to leg and wore a black dress at least original, 'cortito ahead, Larguita behind' it, but this time when combined with a high lace black sandals, did not quite dazzle the public. From here, we recommend that you learn from Natalie Jessica, not only to better choose their roles, but also a little more caring image. Although physically similar can always resort to the less stylish tone that still lately: less glamorous, more 'chicha'.

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