miércoles, 15 de septiembre de 2010

THOUSAND SHADES overboard Natalie Portman play a character who comes to the madness one double film session.

"Beside her, Natalie Portman, as in the previous Rourke Aronofsky's work, is in virtually all levels of the film, talked about the dance, an element that plays a key role in the story. The actress, who had practiced ballet from three to fifteen years, said he has enjoyed every moment of the shooting. The story revolves around the release of a new version of Swan Lake, but all in all the anguish and doubt that this release will create the main character: all the demands and deficiencies that ballet creates it. "I began to speak to Darren for eight years," which was Princess Amidala in galactic saga. "I've had time to prepare, of course. But most of all have been training about five hours daily for six months before the shooting, which I have put on paper, "he said. It is not Black Swan, however, a musical use. Not even a ballet , although the history of Swan Lake, and that woman / swan in love you see his love snatched and must die to fulfill his dream, is always present. It is rather the result of unhealthy psychological evolution of the central character, narrated with the truculence and the ordinary effects of Aronofsky Pi since he made Requiem for a Dream. It is a story where the dance - and music, always has a role-reference and metaphor. In the background, ballet and sacrifices required. But in the foreground Natalie, Natalie always as an artist committed to succeed, even in spite of herself. http://nataliaportman.blogspot.com/

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