viernes, 31 de diciembre de 2010

Natalie Portman's new movie, "The Other Woman

Take two parts "Stepmom," one part "Rabbit Hole" and just a dash of "Fatal Attraction" -- and you've got the trailer for Natalie Portman's new movie, "The Other Woman."

The newly engaged actress has no shortage of films coming out in 2011, and this one certainly isn't aiming for "most lighthearted."

It starts out with a bit of a thriller tease, pitching Portman's character as a seasoned temptress going after her coworker, Scott Cohen -- who, if you're anything like us, you most remember for playing Max Malina on "Gilmore Girls."

But it turns out they have a healthy relationship. They get married and have a baby.

Then their baby dies. And she has a real hard time adjusting to married life and her new status as a stepmother with all of the fresh emotional baggage -- and her husband's ex, played quite angrily by Lisa Kudrow.

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