viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2010

Natalie Portman has caused in the last days, the admiration of specialized journalism in the world

Natalie Portman has caused in the last days, the admiration of specialized journalism in the world of the show for the elegance and beauty that showed in the premiere of the film Black Swan (Black Swan), held in New York, and the sensual figure shining in the short filmed for The New York Times-in which makes a striptease-that selection as one of 12 actresses ms influential of the New Hollywood in 2010.

According to Europa Press, the Israel-American actress was the character who most impact on the red carpet for the gala premiere of his most recent film by makeup, hair and clothing that luci. Combin the black top of his eyes and low-cut dress, with a fine cherry red lips and tousled curly hair. The excellent work of her makeup artist and stylist John Lobell D allow him to show fresh and youthful look.

For his part, website reports that in the video that the New York newspaper asked him to perform, Natalie, playing Gilda "the mythical character of Rita Hayworth in the film bearing the same name, appears dressed in color and clad in long black gloves, which strips sensually to be in fine lingerie that enhances its dramatic silhouette

In addition, the site reveals that the diva signed a multimillion dollar contract with Dior for its image in 2011, work not previously agreed, for which the company will make a video of Charlize Theron and Sharon Stone where show his magnificent and beautiful figure, which recovered after a drastic diet of carrots and almonds, which had to submit to its role as a ballerina in Black Swan. Coming soon to turn 30 years, Portman, assisted by specialists, retrieval her sculptural body with healthy food, physical activity using methods and models, including those who recommend the use of garments such as those offered in your store Vedette.

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