jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010

The look of Natalie Portman

Copia el look de Natalie Portman

It takes from his earliest years stuck in the world of entertainment, so maybe your taste has been refined over many years surrounded by lights and glamor. However, his personal style has remained impervious to the siren song of Hollywood and now has one of the most interesting aesthetic Star System: Natalie Portman.

Natalie Portman was just 12 when he debuted in the film world with the movie "Leon the Professional" and from there your sweet face with big eyes has not disappeared from the big screen.

In his personal life claiming to be vegetarian and not drinking or using drugs or alcohol and has lent his image in support of various humanitarian campaigns and actions of NGOs. His style of dress when he is discreet and on red carpets but dare a little more with the colors or shapes, when the cameras are able to capture it in its most casuals, is always dressed simply and without fanfare and always, always correct.

Imitating his style will not cost you as much as with other actresses more prone to major couture dresses and one of the names to keep in mind when looking for models like the actress is to Rodarte, one of its brands header. Possibly cost you a bit more to get is that special aura seems to surround the actress and always makes hogging all eyes beyond where it goes.

Here are a gallery with the keys to look for Natalie Portman not miss it!

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