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Natalie Portman graces the January 2011 cover spread for Vogue

Natalie Portman: Vogue Cover Spread!


Here’s what the 29-year-old Black Swan actress shared:

On what she orders during her interview: A vegetarian at home and a vegan when out, she orders a thoroughly eccentric meal: field greens followed by a soft pretzel with mustard, and an elderflower spritzer. She defends herself: “I swear, I eat. I ate a bagel an hour ago. I consume my own weight in hummus every day. I cook a lot, and I even do vegan baking.”

On being in favor of vulgar: “There’s a difference between being in a bra and underpants as an object on a men’s-magazine cover and playing yourself—a woman with desires and needs who loves and laughs with her friends—in a bra and underpants. You become an object if you simply put it out there. Most movies are made by men, it’s totally natural that they’re going to present their worldview, so we’re trying to find more women who are writers and directors who are expressing their worldview. Did you see Tiny Furniture? Lena Dunham wrote, directed, and starred in it; she’s 23, and it is just amazing. She walks around in her underwear for the whole movie; it’s harsh. She’s the subject, she’s not the object, and it’s beautiful—that’s the kind of thing we need more of.”

Watch the behind-the-scenes video below of Nat’s cover shoot. And check out more of Nat’s interview at Vogue.com!

Natalie Portman - “Vogue” Cover Shoot

UPDATE: Nat picked up a Golden Globe nomination — Best Actress (Drama) for Black Swan. She shared, “I’m very honored by the HFPA nomination, and to be included in this group of actresses I so admire. The experience of filming Black Swan with [director] Darren Aronofsky and our incredible crew is already the most fulfilling experience of my career. The audience appreciation of the film is only furthering how grateful and proud I am to be part of the film.”

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