lunes, 29 de noviembre de 2010

”The Secrets of Natalie Portman’s ‘Black Swan’

”The Secrets of Natalie Portman’s ‘Black Swan’ Rodarte Tutu — Flaws as well as All!”
Natalie Portman might have glided with palliate opposite a theatre for her purpose as a prima ballet dancer in a arriving ballet thriller Black Swan, though it turns out which it was a group at a back of her tutus which were put to a genuine challenge!

natalie.portman.12 Natalie Portman ballerina

While apropos a initial conform designers to want badly a National Art Award from Americans for a Arts recently, Rodarte’s Laura as well as Kate Mulleavy explained to nymag a hurdles of formulating a perplexing costumes for a film. “A tutu is thirteen layers of tulle adhering true out as well as afterwards it’s over a body, so we can imagine. It’s crazy!” pronounced Laura, who had usually seen a ballet dress up tighten once prior to a film. The sister-act was introduced to a film’s director, Darren Aronofsky, by Portman–a longtime Rodarte lover–and after that, were brought upon house to emanate looks for a film’s Swan Lake performance. “Building a tutu is a single of a mislaid couture arts..

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