martes, 17 de enero de 2012

NATALIE PORTMAN feels like a superspy now she's part of the Marvel Comics world

- because the powers that be find the most covert ways of tracking her down to discuss her upcoming role in THOR.
The actress will play the ancient superhero's love interest in the upcoming comic book adaptation and she admits it's a very "intense world".
She tells WENN, "Any time I get a phone call, it doesn't come up as a normal number; it's like a five digit code. I'm like, 'What kind of spy organisation is this?' I've never seen that before. I've had phone calls from people in the government and they don't have that. Marvel is some crazy underground world."
But she understands why all Marvel dealings have to be kept as secretive as possible: "I think everything has gotten more secretive with the preponderance of every technical ability available to scan and blog. You don't get a script anymore that doesn't have watermarks on every page that would identify you as the leak if it ever got out. That's on every script now. It's not just Marvel movies.
"It's hard to read it because it's always on some weird coloured paper, and then they have your name huge across the entire text and you can't read the text. It's really strange."

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